20 Levels


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 20LEVELS game app?

20LEVELS is the only gaming opportunity connecting real-life shoppers with real-life discounts and savings. This can only result in one thing: Happy 20LEVELS players! 20LEVELS is a fantastic puzzle game for Android and iOS that allows shoppers to win and redeem discounts for purchases at several incredible online retailers.Since this addictive game is increasing in popularity, we have released this helpful FAQ to make it even easier to play and win those amazing prizes.

How to start playing?


Download the game IOS or Android


Create account write your name and email


Confirm your email (will send you an email)


Open the game and login


Choose what you want to win coupon or Mystery Box


If you chose Coupon select which brand or offer you want to win


Let the Game begin play until you finish the 20levels


Keep watching video between the levels so you can win fast


If you win will receive email with unique code

How many levels are there?

There will always be 20 levels in a 20LEVELS game. The levels are spread across 4 stages, giving you 5 fun-packed levels per stage.

What is the difference between a coupon and a mystery box?

The game provides several coupons to your favorite brands and/or mystery boxes. Coupons can be discount-free prizes, free services, and sometimes cash! A mystery box, on the other hand, is just like it sounds. The player has no idea of the contents, not even the type of product or the brand name. All they know is that there are only a limited number of mystery boxes across the 20 levels, and only as many winners as there are boxes.

How do I complete a level?

To complete each level, you must conquer the challenge that was set at the start of the level. The challenges will involve timing and moves that change the prizes to coupons or mystery boxes from stage to stage and level to level.

How many moves and how much time do I get?

On each level, the number of moves depends on the coupons or mystery box available. So sometimes you will have just a few moves, and sometimes you will have more. We recommend watching the video before the level to guarantee you have enough moves, time, and boosters to win.

What if I am out of time or moves?

If you run out of time or moves, you will lose all the standards for the current stage. For example, if you are in Stage 2 Level 10, you will have to go back to Level 6.

However, you have 3 options before losing the standards:
  • You can watch a video 3 times to get a clue, extra time, extra moves, and boosters.
  • You can answer “Yes” or “No” questions to get more moves or time.
  • You can buy extra time or moves. Pricing for each will be listed with the options.
Always remember: You can also watch a video before each level and collect extra time, moves, and boosters. We are here for you and want you to win!!

How do I score points?

  • Match 3 to 5 chips with the same color horizontally or vertically. The game will then add the sum of their percentages to your Total Score.
  • The percentages are semi-random (5%, 10%, 15%, 25%, 35%, and 45%) and are applied randomly to the chips in the Maza.
  • The player gets a Stage Bonus after scoring higher than 100 point in a single Match. Any matches that may follow from falling chips do not add to the value. The score must be 100 in each individual Match.
  • The value of the stage bonus is determined by the stage number. For example, a player who scores 120 in a match and is on Stage 2 will earn a score of 120 x 2, which is 240.
  • Every time a player earns a Stage Bonus, the little monster Hoo will appear in the left part of the screen, happy to see what the player can do.
  • If the player scores more than 150 in a single Match (4 or 5 tiles), a special HOO Chip will appear in the Maza. When the HOO Chip is matched with any other chip in the Maza, all of the same-colored chips will be scored.

What can I buy to increase my chances of winning?

  • Boosters
    Star: Removes all stars in the chosen area
    Bomb: Removes all squares in the chosen fields
    Refresh: Refreshes to a new Maza so you do not lose the levels you have already won
  • Color matches
    25%: Helps you with 25% of the Maza
    50%: Helps you with 50% of the Maza
    100%: Helps you with 100% of the Maza
  • Refreshes
    When you refresh all of the Maza, you will play a new Maza

Are mobile devices supported?

The 20LEVELS game app is coming to both iOS and Android devices. Now that you know the rules, you can play with confidence. Here at 20LEVELS, we appreciate every player who plays our game, and we want to thank you for being part of the 20LEVELS family. We hope you have as much fun playing this game as we have had creating it. We wish you all the best and hope you win!

If you need general assistance, email us at

When you refresh all of the Maza, you will play a new Maza.