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20LEVELS is the only gaming opportunity around that connects real-life shoppers with real-life discounts and savings. This can only result in one thing: happy 20 Levels players! The idea for the 20 levels game app and mystery box came to me as I was looking for extra income while doing other things during the day. I realised that my game idea could turn time into extra cash, gifts or discount coupons for all the best stores.

20LEVELS, allows shoppers to participate in the game, win and redeem discounts for purchases at several incredible online retailers. The 20 LEVELS Game is a fantastic puzzle game that runs on Android and iOS. As this addictive Game is increasing in popularity, we have released a helpful FAQ to make it even easier to play and have a chance to win those amazing prizes.


Reach Level 20
to Win a Prize!


How to play


Log in

Create account and log in with your registered email address


Choose the coupon brand or mystery box you would like to win


Click “Play this coupon” and start playing

Game play

You need to win all 20 levels to win the coupon of your choice

Start playing

We have four stages, each of which has five levels; you match the colors and receive the sum of the percentages scored at each level, and you win levels by reaching certain point and star amounts


If you run out of time or move, you can choose one of the following: 1) Buy, 2) Watch a video, or 3) “Ask me,” which will send you a short survey

Ask me

“Ask me” is a short survey (with “yes” and “no” questions); if you answer it you will receive free time or moves that will allow you to continue playing

Level 20

This is the last level you need to finish; as soon as you complete it, you will receive a “guaranteed win” coupon

Congratulations from HOO

You receive Congratulations from HOO, you win the coupon

Congratulations form

You need to fill in your information so that we can send you the unique code via email

Winning email

Check your email: you will receive an email from HOO with the unique code that you have won :)


Coupon / Mystery box

Our Coupon/MB Brand allows shoppers to participate, win, and redeem discounts for purchases at numerous popular online retailers! Every new level that is achieved unlocks a reward. Never before has such an engaging game resulted in tangible discounts that online shoppers can utilize so effortlessly.


The game provides several boxes that the player can choose from, without knowing any of the contents—not even the type of product. All they know is that only a limited number of mystery boxes across all the 20 levels are available. There are only as many winners as there are boxes.


Get the chance to win a discount coupon, freebie, free service, and even cash!


Let the Games begin!


Are you a winning player and want to redeem the Coupon or Mystery box?

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Greetings! My name is Huda A. AlEnezi, and I am a passionate, lifelong entrepreneur. I am tenacious, persistent, and incredibly successful at transforming my dreams into profitable, sought-after products and services.

I have never met a challenge that I did not accept and conquer, and I do not plan to change this anytime soon.
Having managed a family business for eight years and established an online company two years ago, I have acquired invaluable insight and practical experience within the online and retail environments.

I have decided to pursue my ULTIMATE dream of establishing an online mystery box and coupon brand competition—that is, Ask ME rewards. HOO combined into one gaming app and 20levels game app. This offering, along with Googly-I, establishes a complete presence that is perfect for the online shopper who relishes an excellent deal.

I believe that everyone should strive to live their dreams on a daily basis, and 0sec has been mine.